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This year, Warrah Specialist School has further developed and enhanced its senior transition program for Year 11 and 12 students. This program is carefully tailored to meet each student’s unique needs, providing them with essential skills to thrive and lead independent lives beyond school.

The program has a heavy focus on practical tasks such as travel training, running and maintaining a kitchen, grocery shopping, purchasing ingredients, reading recipes, and basic cooking skills. In addition to learning these key life skills, each student participates in a diverse range of work experience opportunities both offsite and within Warrah.

A central component of this program unfolds at the Warrah Farm Shop, Warrah Biodynamic Farm, and our Bakery where students engage in weekly work experience. In our farm shop, students gain hands-on experience in customer service, inventory management, shelf stocking and produce box packing. In the bakery, they practice the art of baking sourdough bread and focaccia, along with essential bakery practices like hygiene, ingredient weighing and preparation, and equipment cleaning.

On our biodynamic farm, they have the chance to actively participate in planting and harvesting ingredients that they can later use in their cooking. This hands-on experience teaches them about the cycles of nature, the importance of sustainable agriculture, and the value of knowing where their food comes from.

By participating in this program, our students gain confidence, a sense of purpose, and increased self-esteem. They become better equipped to face the challenges and opportunities that await them after school, ensuring a smoother transition into adulthood. The program truly prepares our students for a fulfilling future of independence and personal growth.