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About Us

The Warrah Organic and Biodynamic Farm and Farm Shop is located in Dural.

The Farm shop is a social enterprise selling a full range of certified organic produce, dairy products, groceries, bread and meat. We supplement what we grow on Warrah Biodynamic Farm to offer the widest variety of Australian certified organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables all year round.

The Farm and Farm Shop is part of Warrah, a not for profit organisation providing services for adults and children with disability. The farm and the shop engage people with disability through volunteering and work experience. All profits from the Farm Shop go towards Warrah’s disability services.

Our Story

Organic fruit and vegetables have always been at the very heart of Warrah’s existence. Warrah was established over 50 years ago on a beautiful bush property at Dural. A small biodynamic vegetable garden was established by Karl Kaltenbach in 1965, as a means for young adults with intellectual disability to learn skills and to engage in productive and purposeful work.

This organic garden has grown into the thriving Warrah Biodynamic Farm and Warrah Farm Shop, which has been certified organic and biodynamic since 1994. Our beautiful, natural surroundings are a great asset to the work we do and to the people we support.

Our vision is to provide opportunities for active participation in organic farming and gardening.  Through hands-on involvement on our working organic farm people living with disability experience the intrinsic therapeutic benefits of farming and gardening.

The farm serves as a vehicle to help develop a wide range of transferable skills and capacities but, just as importantly, to help build and strengthen community, provide social opportunities and strengthen connection to the natural environment.

In order to maximise the potential of our facilities, and in service to our community, we aim to offer our customers the widest variety of certified organic and biodynamic fruit, vegetables and groceries possible all year round.


Watch this short video for some insight into the work that we do.

Warrah Society

Warrah Farm and Shop are part of a wider community known as Warrah Society, an experienced provider of quality services and support for adults and children with disability, in Sydney’s North West. Inspired by the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, Warrah provides a range of engaging and responsive services that maximise each person’s capacity for self-determination, creativity and contribution. We strive to know each unique individual, and to support them in the choices they have made for their life’s journey.

Our Team

Warrah Biodynamic Farm and Farm Shop are run by a small team of dedicated people, who are passionate about organic and biodynamic farming and about retailing high quality organic and biodynamic produce and groceries. They are also committed to providing adults and children with disability with opportunities to learn skills, and to engage in productive and purposeful work.

the farm and shop team

Warrah Farm Shop supplies organic fruit and vegetables to collection points around Sydney.


Recruitment for all areas of Warrah Society is managed through Warrah Disability Services. Learn more about our current vacancies.