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Reaching you when you can’t reach us

Collection Points

Warrah Farm Shop delivers pre-ordered fresh seasonal produce boxes to various collection points on Sydney’s Lower & Upper North Shore. It is a simple and convenient way to have fresh organic produce delivered locally to you. Warrah supplements what is grown on the farm with fresh produce grown by other certified organic producers.

To find out the locations of our existing collection points please contact us. We endeavour to make fresh organic produce accessible to many  people as possible.

You could of course co-ordinate a new collection point in your own community. Co-ordinators received free fruit and vegetables, with the value based on the number of members ordering each week. Please contact us for to find out whether our delivery teams could reach your suburb.

The Process

Our process is simple and uncomplicated, with our experienced farmers selecting seasonal produce for each of our box options. Boxes vary weekly and include a good balance of staple vegetables and fruit.

Boxes can be added to by selecting specific fruit and vegetables and other items (such as eggs, honey, nuts and bread).

Once members have signed and completed a direct debit form, their box of beautiful seasonal produce will be ready for pick up from the designated location without members having to continually place orders each week.

Our social enterprise model allows Warrah Society’s participants to be involved in many engaging and meaningful activities on the Farm and in the shop (such as bagging salad mix, weighing fruit and vegetables, packing the van and making deliveries).

What goes into the boxes?

The photographs below are a good indication of what a winter box looks like.

Small fruit & veg box

Medium fruit & veg box

Large fruit & veg box

Small veg box

Small fruit box

For more details on the box contents, click below.