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Farm Shop

Warrah Farm Shop was established as a retail outlet for the produce from our farm – not only to sell the produce grown – but also to showcase the labours and achievements of all those participating in the farming process.

From humble beginnings in a shed on the edge of a paddock, we now offer the most extensive range of high quality organic and biodynamic produce and groceries. Everything you need for an organic and wholesome diet!

The Farm Shop is part of Warrah, a not for profit organisation providing services for adults and children with disability. The farm and the shop engage people with disability through volunteering and work experience. All profits from the Farm Shop go towards Warrah’s disability services.


20 Harris Road, Dural NSW 2158

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday:
9.00am – 5.00pm
9.00am – 3.00pm


On-site parking available

Seasonal Boxes

Pre-order for collection on Tuesdays or Thursdays

Our Range

Fruit & Vegetables

100% Australian grown and certified organic and biodynamic fruit and vegetables. Below is an example of the produce we sell at various times throughout the year:

asparagus, cos lettuce, coriander, black kale, curly kale, corn, pak choi, choi sum, Chinese broccoli, mint, parsley, rocket, baby spinach, rainbow chard, salad mix, silverbeet, beans, beetroot, broccoli, broccolini, green & red cabbage, green & red capsicum, orange carrots, purple & yellow carrots, cauliflower, chili, Lebanese & English cucumber, daikon radish, eggplant, fennel, garlic, ginger, leeks, Swiss brown mushrooms, mushroom cups, shiitake & oyster mushrooms, brown & red onions, white onions, Romanesco, shallots, snow peas, sugar snap peas, Dutch cream, red Otway & sebago potatoes, midnight pearl potatoes, sweet potato, butternut & jap pumpkins, radish, rhubarb, sprouts, squash, swedes, cherry & roma, tomatoes, gourmet & truss tomatoes, turmeric, turnips, wombok, zucchini, granny Smith apples, pink lady & Lady William apples, royal gala apples, apricots, hass avocados, Cavendish & lady finger bananas, blueberries, cherries, custard apples, dates, figs, crimson & green grapes, yellow & ruby grapefruit, honey dew, lemons, limes, lychees, daisy & imperial mandarins, amigo mandarins, mangoes, navel & Valencia oranges, papaya, paw paw, yellow & white peaches, Packham, red anjou & nashi pears, pomegranate, quince, rock melons, yellow & white nectarines, pineapple, plums, strawberries, tangelos and watermelon.


Organic, biodynamic, grass fed options available. We supply frozen and fresh meat, and can take orders for any of the meat offered on Shiralee’s website.

Dairy, Vegan Cheese & Eggs

We stock a great range from premier boutique biodynamic and organic Australian producers, including Demeter, Botanical Cuisine, Mungalli Creek, Barambah, Coyo and Pana.

We endeavour to always have organic, pasture-raised eggs in stock. The eggs are all certified organic and free range.


Quality brands including Demeter, Spiral, Absolute Organic, Planet Organic, Ceres, Honest to Goodness, Eclipse, Pan do Mar, Salute, Gourmet Organic and Pukka. Includes rice, pasta, beans and pulses, an extensive selection of flours, cereals, nuts, dried fruits and oats.


Long fermented sourdough baked right here on site most Tuesdays and Thursdays. Naturis gluten free and FODMAP friendly breads provide additional variety.


Kombucha, soft drinks, coconut water, kefir and biodynamic juices from brands like Herbs of Life, Karma Cola and Greenwoods.

We offer a great selection of tea from Pukka and Planet Organic, as well as organic coffees.

Seeds, seedlings and flowers

Seeds from Eden Seeds & Select Organics, seedlings grown in our Warrah Plant Nursery and, whenever possible, cut flowers fresh from Warrah Biodynamic Farm.


Wholefood cookbooks.

Warrah Arts & Crafts

Pottery, paintings and cards created by our very own Warrah artists.

Unique Social Enterprise Model

As part of Warrah Society – a not for profit organisation providing services for adults and children with disability, both the Warrah Biodynamic Farm and Warrah Farm Shop operate as a social enterprise. All profits from the Farm Shop go towards Warrah’s disability services.

The farm and shop engages people with disability through volunteering and work experience. Activities include bagging salad mix and dry goods, weighing fruit and vegetables, packing co-op boxes, loading the delivery van and assisting with deliveries. These tasks provide Warrah Specialist School students and community members the opportunity to be actively engaged and productive participants in our social enterprise.

By supplementing the produce grown on the farm with a full range of certified organic, Australian-grown produce we can ensure customers find everything they need in one welcoming shopping environment here in the Hills District.

In addition to in-store shopping, we supply our fresh produce to customers through deliveries to collection points and to local restaurants committed to organics. Warrah Society adults residing in Supported Independent Living also receive boxes of quality fresh organic produce on a weekly basis.  This extended customer base results in a higher stock turnover, which means we have new and fresh stock continually available.

Sustainability Values

Sustainability is one of our core values. Our produce is certified organic and biodynamic. We seek to minimise waste and encourage reuse and recycling. Most of our fresh produce is completely free of packaging, so you can buy just the quantity you need without being compelled to take fresh produce home in plastic. We sell eco-friendly bags and encourage you to bring your own or simply go without! The shop is a collection point for Lids4Kids, so customers are welcome to bring in their washed milk, UHT and soft drink bottle lids, to keep them out of landfill.