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Some people make the mistake of assuming that organic farmers manage without ever using pesticides. We certainly never use synthetically derived pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Our focus is always on encouraging biodiversity, crop rotation and soil health on the farm, which all help to reduce large outbreaks of pests. Keeping soil healthy requires regular replenishment of the nutrients going into the growth of your produce. But, end even if you are in the middle of nowhere with perfect soil, it is almost guaranteed that if you plant brassicas, white moths will appear from somewhere. It is uncanny! Therefore, you should ensure you nurture your soil so that your plants and their environment are as healthy as possible and when that is not enough there are natural resources for you to use sparingly.

As with compost, there are so many options out there. And once again, we advise you to make sure you buy certified organic fertiliser. It usually comes in pelleted or granular form and will provide base nutrients to your plants and stimulate growth. Most garden centres will stock at least one brand of certified fertiliser.

In the organic world there are a few organic based pesticides that you might want to have around. Our most commonly used option is Dipel, in conjunction with Eco Oil. Both products are available from garden centres.

There are also many plant-based, homemade remedies you can find online and make yourself.

Our final post in this series will cover gardening tools and resources to inspire you.