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You can make your own compost out of kitchen scraps and all sort of organic matter around the house and the garden. Compost is a vital component of any food system – so don’t overlook it when you start gardening. There is so much information available online about composting. As with all recipes, everyone makes it slightly differently. The most important aspect to take note of is the ratio between nitrogen rich (green) material and carbon rich (brown) material and moisture. Keeping to a roughly 6:4 ratio and consistent levels of moisture (without making it soggy) will see you right.

Regular turning of the heap so that the outside edges are worked into the middle will ensure a better compost and allow you to observe what is happening as your material breaks down. Adding animal manure to the composting process will improve it too.

If you are not ready to make your own or you need more, then certified organic compost is available from Grange Growing Solutions in Ebenezer. Other options are also available from Debco and ANL which are both stocked at garden centres. Remember to ask and look for the certification logo. Just seeing the word organic on compost these days can mean just about anything.

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