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What an exciting season it is proving to be for the residents of NSW this year – what with rain, snow, sun and wind. Here in the Farm Shop we continue to notice the impact of the drought on the greater farming community – with shortages in some of our favourite dairy products being especially noticeable. We know that times are tough for farmers, and that consumers are having to tighten their belts in the current economic climate. On behalf of our own Warrah community and all the other organic and biodynamic farmers who work so hard, we thank you for continuing to choose the best quality, nutrient dense food available. Following on from our previous post about nutrient density, and given that spring is a great time to review our habits and reinvent ourselves; here are some questions to challenge your approach to food choices:

  • Do you always make food choices based on what you are used to eating habitually and traditionally?
  • Do you shop for what you perceive to be the most economical? Do you make shopping decisions quickly based on this week’s cost per kilo?
  • Do you factor in the cost (dollar, time and lifestyle terms) of hasty food choices that compromise your health?
  • Do you consider the cumulative cost in wastage when you buy more than you need because a particular item was cheaper?
  • Do you shop for convenience?
  • Do you consider the cost of your purchases to the environment, to your local community, to the health and wellbeing of our farmers?
  • Is perfect shape and uniform colour your primary indicator of quality?
  • Do you exhaust yourself reading the labels?
  • Do you consider the size of the retail conglomerate you are supporting, and how equitably all the parties to their supply chain and their workers are being treated?
  • Do you listen to your body? Do you eat simply and cleanly enough that you know the effect of individual ingredients on your health?
  • Have you researched the nutritional value of different foods?

While the process of stocking the shelves of our Farm Shop involves answering many questions and considering quality, sustainability, nutritional value and integrity in the system – the thing that either stops the whole process in its tracks or keeps it going is what customers spend their money on. It does not matter how much you admire our work here on the Farm, unless you buy the produce and products we sell, we cannot continue to supply them. So the final question then is do you think about how every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of food system you want? Here’s to a spring of renewed commitment to nourishment and to healing the food supply chain one purchase at a time! Thank you as always for your support.