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The task of a farmer is to enliven the soil. One of the ways in which biodynamic farmers care for the soil is through the application of various soil preparations. While the benefits of these applications are obviously noticeable in the quality of biodynamic produce, the reasoning is not easily articulated on a purely intellectual level. One’s understanding evolves through careful observation and first-hand experience of the preparation and application processes, and the results over time. During our recent Harvest Festival members of Warrah’s community took turns to swirl the rainwater and soil activator in a large copper pot. After the stirring we dispersed the precious liquid on the farm and gardens in order to enhance soil activity, fungi and beneficial bacteria. This communal work all contributes to what biodynamic farmers refer to as “the farm’s individuality“. All the energy of the communal activity, these preparations and the cycles of the festivals all help to enliven the soil, to bring vitality to the farm and the food it produces.

Pictured are students and staff from our Specialist School and Discovery Program participating in enlivening the soil for the wellbeing of the farm.