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“The great festivals exist to bear witness to our connection with the whole universe.”
Rudolf Steiner

Autumn presents the opportunity for us to appreciate the bounty of the harvest with a beautiful festival. Turning our energy and attention inwards, we match the season and feel a stronger connection to each other and the cosmos. It is both grounding and joyful to reflect on how we are all part of something bigger than ourselves – part of a community and part of the cycles of nature!

The day included a welcome by Farmer Steve, a shadow play of the Brothers Grim fairytale, Mother Holly, and beautiful singing by our school students. Then we shared a feast of fresh sourdough from our bakery and a hearty soup prepared by each of the households in our Warrah community.

Many of our mature residents have called our beautiful rural campus home for decades. These annual festivals help them feel anchored to their home and are a vital part of the social therapeutic process.

Another highlight of the day was sharing a favourite and important ritual – the stirring and application of biodynamic soil activator in preparation for the coming seasons.