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Here is a short post to share a poignant handwritten note from one of our Warrah Society participants. Each week one or two members of our community take on the task of weighing and packing the boxes of delicious organic produce that we distribute to ten of our residential houses. It is rewarding for these individuals to know that they are doing important work – of providing the ingredients for all the shared organic meals that will take place around cozy dinner tables.

Having a farm and a shop on the property means that our community members can have a highly productive and meaningful routine each week. In no particular order, here is a lists of things that would take place in an average week:

  • feeding chickens and collecting eggs
  • preparing seed raising mix
  • fertilising seedlings
  • weeding and harvesting crops
  • cleaning and packing fruit for storage
  • weighing and bagging salad leaves
  • checking off items on order lists
  • sorting and packing boxes for different delivery routes
  • loading the vans
  • setting the GPS to navigate to the correct address
  • interacting with customers in the shop and at collection points
  • weighing and packing produce
  • serving customers at the till
  • tidying the shed
  • making deliveries
  • labeling bread and dry goods bags
  • weighing ingredients for sourdough and shaping loaves
  • cleaning the bakery
  • collecting bottles and lids for recycling
  • shopping for ingredients for shared meals
  • capturing stock data onto the till system

The most telling thing about the little handwritten note is the obvious enthusiasm at the thought of returning to perform the tasks again!