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It is easy to be overwhelmed and discouraged by the immense selection of gardening tools on the market. Do not be tricked into thinking you need a shed full! Simply put – a wheelbarrow, shovel, fork, rake, three tined cultivator and trowel will get you pretty far. These are all available at hardware stores at a relatively low cost.

For weeding, you can simply pull by hand or, as we do on the farm, use a hoe. We have a variety of shapes and sizes, and we each have our own favourite. Make sure you choose something that is the right size for you, the handle should allow you to work in an upright, comfortable position, overstretching will catch up on you down the track!

Below are some interesting books and links for helping you start your garden:

  • Peter Proctor’s book, Grasp The Nettle, has a great introduction to biodynamics. Ask the Farm Shop team about getting a copy.
  • Hannah Moloney and Anton Vikstrom share a wealth of resources on their website Good Life Permaculture
  • Utterly tireless in their commitment to spreading ‘Radical Hope’, Kirsten Bradley and Nick Ritar of Milkwood provide plenty of inspiration.
  • Gardenate is a simple and extremely handy tool that quickly answers the question of what to plant right now.

If you are interested in learning more practical skills and hands-on tricks of the trade, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter. We will soon be announcing details of a backyard veggie growing course run by an awesome teacher at our lovely rural campus in Dural,