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You will often find this quote from the poet and environment activist Wendell Berry on display on the chalkboard outside our farm shop. It serves to remind staff and customers of their place in the food supply chain. Perhaps it is often misunderstood by those who’s focus is on the details of their shopping lists and recipes but, Wendell Berry has a point:

“Eating is an agricultural act.”

The wise Mr Berry explains how common it is for eaters to take food production for granted – especially when they live in cities and never have exposure to an actual farm. Thank you to those of you who talk to your children about where food comes from, and those who checked in with us during the recent ‘big wet’. Very few people actually pay attention to where their food is coming from. The challenge now is to take this thinking a step further and really own your role in agriculture. Your choices influence who is growing what and how they are growing it. Consumption – eating – your daily choice of what goes on your plate – this is the final, as well as the first step in the agricultural process. You are the crucial link in the agricultural chain and you have power over which types of food and which farming practices will continue.

Farmers can not grow crops unless they can be sure that you will consume them consistently. Use this power wisely.

📷 taken at Warrah Farm by @weledaaustralia