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We are extremely pleased to once again offer our customers a regular supply of eggs from Mulloon Creek Farms. If you don’t know about these awesome chooks and their equally awesome humans – do yourself and the planet a favour and keep reading!

Mullooon Creek chickens free range on biodynamic pastures. Customers who choose these eggs don’t only enjoy the exceptional flavour and quality, they also have the satisfaction of knowing that all the profits made by Mulloon Creek Natural Farms go to supporting some very inspiring conservation and restoration work.

While farming conventionally on his 6000 acres, Tony Coote became increasingly aware of just how dehydrated Australia’s land had become. Inspired by the work of Peter Andrews – an acclaimed farmer able to convert drought-ridden land into green and fertile pasture – Tony and his wife decided to convert Mulloon Creek Natural Farms using regenerative farming methods. Their efforts were so successful that it lead them to establish The Mulloon Institute in 2011. The Institute conducts research, and actively demonstrates, monitors and shares innovative approaches to regenerative land management. The team restores landscape function using carefully planned and designed structures that fit neatly into the landscape. Follow the link to watch a clip about one such structure, known as a leaky weir. You’ll realise that these eggs are much more than just a delicious brekky!

Photo: Mulloon Creek Natural Farms