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Our Nursery Skills Program allows our Warrah Society participants to witness the full growth cycle all the way from seeds to their plates.

The farm is once again seeing more activity from Warrah Specialist School students. They help maintain the citrus trees, and now we have delicious oranges, lemons and grapefruit available for sale in the Farm Shop thanks in part to their help. They also have helped stir and spread biodynamic soil preparation (BD500), and gather cow manure from our resident cows to make a Cow Pat Pit (CPP). This will be collected after three to five months and will help to boost the farm’s vitality and fertility. The teachers at the school have created a wonderful story to help the kids understand and learn what they are doing, and why.

Brayden and Xavier (pictured) have enjoyed working with Gardener Rob lately! They helped at the nursery to prepare seed raising mix, get trays of seedlings ready for sowing and potted up dianthus flowers. Productive days in the beautiful outdoors!

Nursery Work