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It’s such a great time of the year for working on the farm! Today we’re checking in with Harry and his classmates who have been diligently turning the farm compost every week this term. Thanks to the excellent organic and biodynamic scraps from the Farm Shop as inputs, and the regular work by the students to ensure the clumps are broken down and exposed to heat and moisture, these bays are producing some really good quality compost. The final step is to crop it out to the farm. It is the first, and the last, stage of the farm to fork journey.

Harry is a senior student at Warrah Specialist School. Farm work is a key component of the school’s curriculum, with the students learning about all aspects of the farming cycle, from composting and propagation, through to mulching and then harvesting. They take full responsibility for one of the growing tunnels on the farm which is their own ‘mini farm’. Each class spends a term regularly working on the farm – which gives them a snapshot of the season. They then progress to a life skills program where they spend time harvesting and cooking the crops they planted. All the student groups (from kindy through to the seniors) will have this hands-on farm to fork learning experience.

Keep an eye on our Instagram page to see updates on how our farm provides Warrah participants with practical experience in how food is produced – literally from farm to fork – with their assistance.