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The young members of our Warrah community who built our lovely Farm Shop chicken coop are at it again! This time their TAFE Certificate in Work Education program has them building a horticultural therapy spiral garden. Constructing the garden is furthering the delegates’ skills, confidence and hands-on experience with tangible results. How exciting and satisfying to participate in making their own mud bricks, cob walls, rammed earth, applying earth render and even building a cob pizza oven. Zac’s proud face says it all!

The garden will provide social therapeutic gardening opportunities for Warrah’s community of school students, residents and course participants. The fully wheelchair accessible garden will feature raised garden beds, fruit trees as well as edible, medicinal and sense stimulating native plants. The space at the centre of the spiral will be where we gather to share a meal and a story. A covered space will provide ample seating, shelter from the weather and an important place to meet and socialise. We cannot wait to see the wood-fired cob oven and the separate BBQ, small mud kitchen and a place to store tools completed and put to use.

Our mission to build social therapeutic opportunities through farming and gardening will be beautifully enabled in this spiral garden. Just imaging how a space like this increases our capacity to develop transferable skills, connect with nature, grow food, nurture plants, harvest and prepare meals and build social connections!